Saturday, July 2, 2011

Curent Obsession

WTFPodcast with Marc Maron.

"I remember when I was growing up in New Mexico there was always an AM station playing what seemed to be one long Mexican song that involved accordion, horns and a polka beat."

LOVE him. 
I used a really sexy picture of him and I didn't mean to...
Now here I am talking about how I love him.
I'm not really into him I just found and love this picture, anyway./

I do love him, well, 
because I love people who just talk, 
just love to talk.
Like me. 
Not to say that I'm an egocentric,

but I really love just, listening to people.
And I especially love listening to comedians.
They are so serious and at the same time so humorous 
At once, they are bright and dark in an odd shade of...gray.
Lovely gray, this color of life. This is what I love.

I guess you could say that from a clown, what I love the most are his tears. 

More than that, I love to laugh and I love to listen. 

And there it is.
Love your podcast and I love you Marc Maron.
(not that I wrote this to him. That would be weird.)

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