Thursday, October 20, 2011


Oh hello, Mary Blair.

Once again, Google has reminded me to listen to my fucking Simpsons calendar so that I don't absolutely drop the ball on recognizing bad ass people on their birthdays.
I used to look up every person on their birthday.

When will I learn that The Simpsons hold the answers to everything ?

So, this is amazing and I thought it was Disney at first!
Apparently, she did work with Disney. Of all the artists Walt worked with, she was his favorite!
So says the interweb, so trust that as you may.

Well, it's her birthday, probably most famous for being adorable.

I mean, c'mon.
Lookat thaaaaaaat.

P.S. It's Snoop Dogg's birthday.
I do get some things from that calendar.
I couldn't find my bad ass T-shirt homage to him this morning!

You're welcome.

I just took a study break from my Hamlet paper to do that.
Goodbye shower.
It's sad because it's true.

It was nice seeing you Marcel!

Man, do I want to drive stick...

Monday, October 17, 2011


I miss everything about you,
though I hardly know you.

I long for
all that you are

because I know
I'm no part of that.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wasted days

and wasted nights.

That is what today was. That's what today is.
There's the song to play me off.

Friday, October 14, 2011

In search of

I am in search of a new perfect raincoat.
Barely seen here is my current perfect rain coat. It's black and classy and buttoned and the length that I love so that when one is wearing a dress (which I rarely ever am) it's like you're wearing a trench dress over it and it reveals another dress. I always loved that in movies. &practically every one likes it, almost to a fault. 

I really like it too. 

Sooo I'm looking for non-black. Because everything I have is black. (Or gray my favorite)
&that's not very eclectic.
Speaking of music, which that word always reminds me of, music.
I have been really obsessed with this song, 
which has sprung me into my much needed and sought after Roots phase. I've waited for it for a while. I stumbled upon the Things Fall Apart album because I'm now reading the book by the same title. Which is actually really annoying because it's written in HUGE FONT like the young adult books I fucking hate and it explains every single thing. The simplest dialogue and most common phrase is foot noted and in bold. So half the page is footnotes and half of the half that is actual writing is in bold, which is a bother, to say the least. It's like reading Shakespeare(which I'm doing) but every single word is foot noted and you can't interpret anything on your own! Not to mention it's written in extremely simple language, which makes the book almost condescending.

Did I mention I hate young adult fiction?
Here's something, when I went to Wordstock 2011 (WOO!) there were a ton of young adult writers there; to a fault, I'd say. I did hear a little discussion by the author of Crank though. That was alright.
That rant cut short- I don't respect young adult fiction. At all.

So off of that Tangent Train, back to my quest for my rain coat!
I think the universe is telling me something, because two days in a row, on my way home I've seen two women with perfect, and I do mean perfect red raincoats. How often does perfection come?
Not usually twice.

So here I go on this quest that I was going to get right into but then I got distracted and just screwed around on the internet doing nothing on my only day off and didn't find my raincoat. Or even look. Now it's the end of this day and I even missed the Simpsons. Also, my eyes hurt.
So there I go on a bitching tangent.

And here I actually go, finally, after 10pm, to find this raincoat, for under $60.
Wish me luck.

On a side note, my brother has been watching The Matrix for a solid three days. Just sayin'.