Thursday, October 20, 2011


Oh hello, Mary Blair.

Once again, Google has reminded me to listen to my fucking Simpsons calendar so that I don't absolutely drop the ball on recognizing bad ass people on their birthdays.
I used to look up every person on their birthday.

When will I learn that The Simpsons hold the answers to everything ?

So, this is amazing and I thought it was Disney at first!
Apparently, she did work with Disney. Of all the artists Walt worked with, she was his favorite!
So says the interweb, so trust that as you may.

Well, it's her birthday, probably most famous for being adorable.

I mean, c'mon.
Lookat thaaaaaaat.

P.S. It's Snoop Dogg's birthday.
I do get some things from that calendar.
I couldn't find my bad ass T-shirt homage to him this morning!

You're welcome.

I just took a study break from my Hamlet paper to do that.
Goodbye shower.
It's sad because it's true.

It was nice seeing you Marcel!

Man, do I want to drive stick...

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