Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tetris payed off

Today what I pretty much did was grocery shopping and woke up.

The wake up part actually proved to be very challenging...
I had to wake up at NOON, by my own force because tomorrow I have to be downtown at 3pm.

(I got out of bed at 2, for the record.)

Which sounds fucking stupid to 90% of you.
But-- the other day I thought I would wake up at eleven, 

and I ended up sleeping in till 4!

I am a zombie, by the way.

So anyway, I'm really afraid of over sleeping for this appointment because then maybe they won't take me as a volunteer at the children's museum&and all this terrible stuff will happen, and maybe I'm so tired I look stoned (,happens to me all the time! People think i'm stoned all the time..).

So anwyho, I had to down Nyquil (after sleeping tea) at 5am,
That was cool.

I'm not sick i'm just sick.

So after grocery shopping there was a fucking abundance of food.

Like a plethora of snacks, which after you've gone shopping you're really like,
"We still don't really have food."

And cramming the food in there was frustrating,
but in the end like a work of art.
(This makes me think of an article I read about what's in Prince's fridge)

...and so, there it is.
I am amazing.

If you're wondering what all those plastic bags are; they're 50 chicken patties.

If you're wondering what someone does with fifty chicken patties,
so am I.

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