Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh, to travel and love and live and die and college

FUCK. I want to travel so bad but it's so scary and I would do that right after college but not, because of the former, and also because I want to go to the latter.

"10 Things Entrepreneurs Don’t Learn in College

(The only good non-bitter useless one of the list. Also, it was beautiful.)
10. Happiness. We never learn how it’s a combination of the food we eat, our health, our ability to be creative, our ability to have sound emotional relationships, our ability to find something bigger than ourselves and our egos to give up our spiritual virginity too.
So I can tell you what I wish I did. I wish I had gone to Soviet Russia, and played chess, and then gone to India and learned yoga and health, and I wish I had gone to South America and volunteered for kids with no arms, and did any number of things. But people then say, “haha! but that cost money.” And they would be right. It would cost less than $100,000+ but would still cost some money. I have no idea how much.
But one of these days when the scars of college go away and I truly learn how to think. I might have better comebacks for these people. Or if I truly learn, I would learn not to care at all."

All I want in life right now is UC Berkeley. It's all I want.


  1. There will always be those who are negative toward your ideas, but then there will always be me lol. The one who doesn't care what anyone says. If it's what you want go for it. I support any idea or goal you have out of respect for you. That's what I think...... although I have been wrong before. Maybe not carin comes to natural for some of us, but then again for others it's the opposite.... oh well. Do you don't let others stop you.

  2. I would do me if I wasn't scared and broke.
    That is a deadly combination.