Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Attempts to

First week of November. 

My attempt to capture the morning fog, on a Monday(?) morning.

Moment in space

MLC glimpses.

Every Friday me and Brittney hang out. It's really wonderful. We're kind of all each other has now that we both inhabit the down part of town. At least, she's all I have.

 Rainy day in Portland, so beautiful, so light, so dark.
There is no capturing of such a perfect moment.

We went to Occupy and made cookies for people, and gave them out. :)

My attempts at being that annoying person that takes pictures with everyone but I really want more pictures with people so that's what I've become.

  Getting ready, after a really really wonderful day.    

and I was annoying flashing her while she was watching "Better Off Dead" in the dark.
Oh yeah. That's me.
Come at me. O_o

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