Saturday, February 25, 2012

To all the lost souls,

I was busy being sad and hating myself today but it's time for me to care about someone who cares about me. That's all there is, really; there are just other people to love.

You once said that all it took for you to make you happy was if I updated this blog. In your words,
"I will be the most direct and content mechanic/father/artist ever." 
Well, here you are.
Midnight Flight by Ryan McGinley

You are precious. If to no one in the world, than to me. There is no one like you and there will never be. Nothing in life is easy, this is the nature of life. You will always feel lost, all you need is someone to be there, a voice to find your way. I love you so much. Even you, stranger. Because we are like brothers, we are both lost souls.
We are all lost souls. We are all the searching, wandering, aimless children of the world. We need only reach our hands out and feel each other, longing for something more.

You are so loved. 


  1. That sounded dumb, but if it makes you feel good than I don't care. Love, love, love.