Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Kids are cute and weird."

I read this line and for some reason, it is so extremely profound and beautiful to me. So true and round-about, on point and ultimately, it is perfect to me. This man, in one moment grew empathy and beauty in my mind. He was at first charming and human and then all together insightful.
I love you Zack P.
I love strangers in excess. It's a problem.

It reminds me of this times article I was reading about the power of a sentence, "For surely it is a magical thing for a handful of words, artfully arranged, to stop time. To conjure a place, a person, a situation, in all its specificity and dimensions. To affect us and alter us, as profoundly as real people and things do.My Life’s Sentences

On the note of empathy, I'm thinking about it especially (now) now. Last night I fell asleep reading Kurt Cobain's suicide note. That's probably not a good sign of anything.


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