Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm convinced

the secret to a perfect morning is waking up in a cold,
uncomfortable bed.

I fell asleep watching Twin Peaks in Omar's bed.
I woke up, I couldn't even stay in bed,
on the weekend.

But I knew my bed was hoarder status so I would have to clean it
if I moved there.
Comfort overtook laziness so I got out of bed.
My feet were freezing.

My hair looks awesome by the way.
That was sarcasm...I always look that intense in the morning, p.s.

I woke up wanting to do stuff.
Whenever I hear that term I think of Tom because of a story he told me about his dad,
when he was young he wrote about his future son,
"I hope my offspring inherits my want to do stuff attitude."
We both agreed he did.

Anyway, I did a revolutionary water saving rinse-my-mouth-with-my-Spock-cup-thing.
It would probably just confuse you.

I have to keep a water log for my Mercy corps internship, it makes me feel just great.
I'm pretty sure that bite of ke'sheyla's egg sandwich with egg on the side took all the water from the children in Niger. Damn it.

I really wanted to do one thing in specific but sometimes things seem really weird when you type them out, suffice it to say, I am a creep. (Cue Radiohead) Old news.
But the lovable kind? If there is a kind, I hope I'm there.

This morning I want to talk to you, have muffins, watercolor, find my Alice in Wonderland book, get my lens cap, get a haircut, maybe take a picture I need.

Hopefully I just stay in bed.

This picture is how I feel this morning.

P.S. I try to play that song every morning.