Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thus begins

Food week. It's finally happening.

Beginning with Friday I don't have pictures because I only had my film camera, (that I sort of broke) and then exposed and ripped the film. By all accounts, it was a success.

This story is too funny to tell. I'm sleepy. Sorry. This story sadly cut short,
I am obsessed with diners. I am on a constant search for adventure.
Ke'Shayla is amazing and wants to adventure with me. She also wants to make strange friends.
We complete each other.

Avoiding responsibilities makes everything 10x more wonderful. Honestly, the only reason I wanted to come in was for Black lipstick's amazing stories.

This was quite the food day. We had a milkshake and a bowl of fries.  Stole an orange from whole foods. Went to a bookstore. Bus, off off, now now. Wandering through the street looking for another milkshake. I wrote a letter to a stranger and dropped it in their mail slot because it reminded me of my Prince. I wrote about that too. I also included an illustration of my lunch. Avoided responsibilities. Bookstore. Went to Denny's. Time warp. Eight hours of diners and wandering adventures. You should have been there.

No pics, didn't happen.

P.S. I had Sunday and Monday ready to go but fuck you, this is tomorrow is yesterday. Not today is today, for that would imply I am not some kind of lazy fuck. You must be mistaken.

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